Marriage Contract – 2016 Kdrama

It’s about a woman who’s a single mom to a lovely daughter. Her husband died in a car accident and she suddenly found out that she has a brain tumor. Then her life gets entangled with a rich man whom she signed a marriage contract with as she wants to find a suitable guardian for her young daughter.

This single mom is played by Uee whilst the rich man is acted by Lee Seo Jin (see poster below).

Honestly, I had low expectations as it’s about two couples falling in love despite their marriage contract. But I must say, since the first episode, I’ve been hooked. The chemistry between the two mains, and the fact that the love triangle (Uee-LSJ-Kim Yoo Ri) was not too draggy! THANK GOODNESS!

I hate it when a girl/guy gets between the main couple and we keep on seeing their shots of jealousy and all the bitchiness – but I’m so glad that the writers & producers did not show that here!

Plus the daughter is so cute and adorable! Usually, the kids have no impact on me, but she totally grabs your heart! I especially love the scene when she finally called LSJ “appa!”.

But since the drama is ending quite soon, I’m really anticipating the ending. Since Uee’s character’s health is deteriorating rapidly, and with many doctors saying that there is no cure…I think she’s going to pass away! TT_TT

Of course, it won’t be a happy ever after, and it is such an unfortunate situation especially since her daughter will become an orphan.

Fingers crossed that the ending will blow our minds!

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