Descendants of the Sun – 2016 Kdrama *Spoilers

Even though told myself again and again that I wouldn’t start a new drama because of university studies, I still didn’t listen to myself! And boy, was I glad I didn’t!

DOTS  is amazing. I have to complain tears my heart in pieces too many times then bandages it up again before tearing it apart! It is an endless cycle! And I guess, this metaphorically represents the heartaches the soldiers and the soldiers’ families experience time and time again. From this drama, I realised the big sacrifice those soldiers have been doing for their country and family. I salute them!

I applaud the writers, directors and all the staff that made Descendants of the Sun possible! The actors and actresses .. namely Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Ko, Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won!!! I’m glad that even despite the plot, it was not too overly romantic though I really did love the banters between Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won – their characters’ relationship between each other was so cute and relatable!

Also, another thing is their nicknames! I know that in co-op missions they would assign nicknames to each other so as not reveal their true identity. I just love how SJK is Big Boss, SHK is Beauty and JG is Wolf. If only they assigned one to KJW, it would be so amazing!

There were so many highlights and they are in every single episode! I am definitely going to be rewatching this drama as soon as it ends (which is tonight!)!

And I think I won’t be the only one XD For the ending which airs tonight, I hope that the writers really exceeded our expectations or else they won’t be able to step foot in Korea again hahas (so many stalker fans there!). Please don’t ruin this beautiful drama by a shit ending (which a lot of Kdramas fall in the trap of)!


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The only time I was frustrated was when the video just suddenly paused, stopping the momentum, but luckily when I refreshed it, the video played on without a hitch.

The hug between SJK and SHK, so affectionate and moving!!! I could totally feel their characters’ yearn for each other as they had been separated for a long 365days and SHK’s character thought he was dead the whole time!

Another scene which moved me! KJW’s and JG’s acting are superb! The couple who got separated on bad terms and suddenly reunited a year later! I definitely cried with KJW!

OMG the video below! These two scenes cracked me up! I didn’t video the whole scenes as I think you guys should really watch the whole episode! But here’s a small snippet!

Also, Red Velvet makes a cameo in this drama when the boys told their gfs that they were in a covert mission to protect the VIPS. The girls discovered that the VIPS was actually Red Velvet and saw a video of all the soldiers fangirling (or rather fanboying) over them lol! JG’s dance was so cute!

Ok, enough about it. I should stop typing before I give out all the details with the drama. I’ll just say that it’s a great drama and a wonderful way to begin 2016 (though it’s already mid-April). Also, I need to comment on the ending! Usually, the endings for K-dramas sucks. But, I am glad and AMAZED to tell you that I liked the ending for DOTS. It was a clean ending with no loose ends! THANK YOU!



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