iPhone 6: How it survived water damage

Yesterday I had the shock of my life! I accidently dropped my phone in the kitchen sink filled with water because I wanted to listen to some music. I quickly got it out and it was still working. But to be safe, I quickly turned it off, took the case off and sealed my phone in a ziplock back filled with uncooked rice (heard from many people that it works). Hence I was without my phone for that whole night.


Even though many people advised online to leave the phone in the rice for more than 24 hours, I took it out since I needed it for uni. So, I turned my phone on and everything was working fine except…THE SPEAKERS~! So I quickly googled any advice from other people and was directed to this website which was a godsend!

Basically, I used a Q-tip and squished it till it’s a bit small and pointy so that it can fit into the headphone jack. Then I just swivelled it in for a while then took it out. VOILA! I can now listen to music without the need of headphones!

I’m actually quite lucky that there wasn’t major damage and that it was easily fixed. Definitely going to be taking extra care with my phone from now on!

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