Asia Trip 2016 – Wk 1 Travel Diary

This year, my family and I have the pleasure of visiting relatives and friends in Singapore as well as travelling to other Asian countries of Thailand and Malaysia. Our itinerary for the whole trip is quite busy and tight especially since Chinese New Year is coming up! This week has been enjoyable as we met up with family whom we haven’t seen in years and had a great catch up! It was good to have authentic Asian food which is rather difficult to find in Australia especially the Hawker centres!

Tuesday 19th Jan:

The flight to Singapore was quite quick and smooth taking around 7hrs. We took Singapore Air and I have to say I was disappointed with the movies they offered for this flight. Was bored so I was playing games on my iPad and took selfies with bro hehes. Had plenty of food during the flight but couldn’t finish all of them. Was even offered connoisseur ice cream but couldn’t even stomach it. Nevertheless, had a short nap which revitalised me as I was feeling quite sluggish 5 hours into the flight. I was thankful it was a safe flight despite some few turbulence shut we made it safely in Singapore. Yippee!

We felt the heat as soon as we arrived in SIN. But luckily we shuffled into the immigration where the air con cooled us down. Despite it being around 10-11pm, the streets was still quite busy with traffic and the markets were still open. Ahh this is when you know you are in an Asian country 😝

Wednesday 20th Jan:

Was quite jet lagged but excited to finally have authentic Asian meals! For breakfast, we had quite a hard time finding where to eat as shops open around 11am so we went to find a Kopitiam to have breakfast. We went all the way to Jurong East with the intent to find good food and buy SIM cards. Little did we know that we had to bring our passports as our identification in order to purchase them. So strict! But we got it in the end so all good!

Anyways, when we finally found a *Kopitiam after waking around in such humid weather, our eyes brightened when faced with various choices of yummy food! I ordered the chicken below but unfortunately it was tough. The rice was amazing and packed with flavour. Also ordered Kaya toast with egg & iced teh which satisfies my cravings!

Steamed Chicken Rice with vegetables $4.5

* A Kopitiam roughly translates to coffee shops. Basically it’s like a food court but not enclosed to a room with air con as it has fans instead. Here you can find authentic local food at a very affordable price! You might find the area a bit dirty and loud but trust me, it’s best to go to these food places to experience local cuisine.

Wednesday 21st:

Got up early again around 6am SIN local time which is 9am AEST time. Nevertheless, caught up on some dramas then got ready to leave around 11am. The weather has gotten a bit cooler but still humid. We visited Orchard today for some shopping then dinner with a really close friend.

However, before dinner my brother & I got the munchies so decided to roam around for some food. So lucky! We found an ice cream sandwich truck and quickly went to line up! The last time I had this was 2-3years ago as Australia doesn’t sell this! The bread is pandan flavored & there are a lot of choices for what ice cream flavours you want i.e durian, yam, choc, blueberry, etc.

Yam icecream sandwich


Durian icecream sandwich


After that we went to a food court for free wifi and a few drinks before dinner with others 😅 For dinner, we went to this highly recommended place at Paragon called Akashi Japanese Restuarant. The food was great and there was quite a variety of meals and sushi to choose from.

Even though dinner was plenty, we still had to go to a Hawker centre at McPherson for some local desserts and kebabs!! Cravings fulfilled!

Friday 22nd January:

Late start to the day as we were so tired from the previous night. Watched some dramas and got ready by 11am as we had arrangements for lunch with some friends.

We snacked prior to lunch at Vivo food court as I was craving Chee Cheong Fan (traditional kind).

We went to try Aone at Causeway Shopping Centre and it was pleasant. Their porridge was good and I tried frogs legs for the first time! I was grossed out at first but it tastes quite alright.

Good lunch.

For dinner, went to a Hawker Centre to meet up with all of our close family since it’s a big reunion for all of us as we all haven’t gathered in one place in so long. The food was average however but really enjoyed my time with them. After that, we went to Uncle’s place to chill and drink more beers whilst we catch up.

Saturday 23rd January:

Despite the craziness in weather as it rained quite heavily for 10-20mins then became quite sunny, it was quite a fulfilling day.

 Met up with grandpa and travelled all the way to Beduk for brunch. There were so many choices of food but too bad I couldn’t try them all 😞

Nevertheless really enjoyed my time and even went to buy some buns that are local to Singapore to try before my flight tomorrow to Bangkok .

Sunday 24th January: SIN->BKK

Very very early start. Only had around 3-4hours of sleep before waking up to get ready for our 6:15am flight to Bangkok. For breakfast, we ate at the airport and I tried their McDonald’s hash browns as well as pancakes. It was pretty good but too salty for my liking!

As I’ve never been to Bangkok before, I’m quite excited! I heard that there are many things to get especially shopping for clothes, bags, etc. Also, FOOD!!!!

I also got the pleasure to see the sunrise from the plane again (Last time was on my way to Abu Dhabi) and it was beautiful. 

 When we arrived, it was thankfully cool due to the cloudy and rainy weather. I’d checked the weather report and it will be around mid 20s to 30 degrees for the next few days. This is good as I don’t want to be hot and sticky for shopping!

As soon as we touched down in BKK, we taxied to our hotel to check in before going to Platinum Mall at Pratunam. I had actually researched the shopping places in this area and had high expectations but unfortunately I was bored. The clothes weren’t as great as mentioned in people’s reviews.

However, I was ecstatic at the stuff I’ve seen at Chatuchak Market ! The clothes were of better quality than the ones at Platinum Mall and more variety too! I bought cute shirts at 100 baht (couldn’t bargain but it’s still cheap at S$4). Also bought a backpack which is so adorable and chic for 300 baht (S$12).

During shopping we also refreshed ourselves with the local coconut drinks which were less than S$1 each! Also tried out local delicacies and had a yummy dinner! This place we went to eat is located in the Chatuchak Market and the dish was quite a large size!


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