TonyMoly I’m Real Part 1

I’ve always wanted to try this line due to good reviews and its cute packaging! Plus when I saw them in the shops for 10 for $15, I knew that I just had to get them!

There are of course great benefits as these masks don’t contain paraben, talc, benzophenone, triethanolamine and tar colouring.

I bought a mix of masks and even doubled on those which I thought was quite interesting including seaweed, red wine and makgeolli.  

Even though majority of the instructions are in Korean, there are English translations at the bottom of the packet. So fear not. Plus, they have pictures at the back to show you how to apply if you’re stuck =)

Seaweed Mask 

The Seaweed Mask Sheet is skin purifying and is supposed to make the skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea. Truthfully, I was afraid that it might smell like seaweed but I’m so glad that it didn’t. When I opened the packet, there was quite a bit of essence in the sheet which smells quite light and a refreshing. The sheet was somewhat thin and unfortunately, I made a small rip at the bottom cheek area. However, the rest was fine so I continued to apply it on my face. I’m glad that it could cover my whole face (square face) as not all masks could, so a definite plus in that area.

Following the directions, I left the mask on for 30mins. During that 30mins, my face hydrated, refreshed and cooled down. I still had the slimy residue from the essence and just let it dried out before washing my face. Of course, I don’t expect a miracle and instant difference in my face so will be putting masks every few days.But my skin did feel noticeably softer.

Rating: 8.7/10; the only con is how easily it ripped when I took it out of the packet but the fact that it fits my face, smells nice and is refreshing was a huge plus!

Red Wine Mask

This mask is more directed towards pore care and is supposed to tighten uneven skin texture with enlarged pores.

 HOLY MOLY! This mask is divine! Smells like sweet wine, more towards sweet grape lollies lol. Even though it’s on my face, I’ve been sniffing it as the smell is addicting.
This time, I had this mask in the fridge for a day to cool it before opening the packet and putting it gently on my face. Refreshing!

 As in my previous review for this line, the mask fits just right on my face and it didn’t rip! YAY!

Because I was distracted, I lost track of time and probably put it on longer than the recommended 20-30mins. But skin still felt smooth and evened out. My pores did look smaller and my face smells sweet =)

I realised that the next morning, the unevenness of the redness on my skin has lessened and my face definitely looked more radiant which is a huge plus.Thank goodness I bought 2, will definitely enjoy using this again =)

Rating: 8.9/10

Avocado Mask

Unlike the previous masks which focused on pore care and skin purifying, this mask is nutrition. That is, making dull skin radiant and glowing. Like the others, this mask is rich in essence and since it’s an avocado mask, there are some skin benefits including healthy fats to nourish my skin.

One major thing I have to comment on from opening this packet was its amazing scent. This mask…out of all the masks I’ve tried in my life, this avocado mask smells the best! It doesn’t smell like avocados (so don’t worry folks!) but I will guarantee that you will definitely love this. I’m going to buy more just because of the smell XD

After leaving it on for the recommended time, my skin did feel noticeably softer and super hydrated.

Rating: 9.2 due to its amazing smell and my face looks great!

Makgeolli Mask

Skin purifying mask that is supposed to make uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing (sorry for the horizontal picture below).

Unlike the other masks, this mask didn’t smell as great. Definitely not the makgeolli familiar scent. Disappointing!

BUT, it still smells alright, it fits my face perfectly and is refreshing.

After 30mins, my skin tone has definitely been evened out as the redness underneath my cheekbones has somewhat disappeared. YAY!

Rating: 8.2

Tea Tree Mask


Wonderful! As with the other masks in TonyMoly’s I’m Real line, it’s drenched with essence so there’s plenty left over for post-mask care =)

Anyways, this mask claims to be skin soothing and it should get rid of uneven skin lets see if it’s true ~

There’s definitely a familiar smell of tea tree but sweeter and fresher which is great as I don’t think I would like the mask to be overwhelmed with the scent of tea tree =)

The fit is perfect as it settles nicely on my face. I feel like this mask is definitely skin soothing and it reduced some lingering spots from old breakouts. So thank you TonyMoly for creating this wonderful product!

Rating: 8.8


OVERALL, I’m extremely happy with TonyMoly’s I’m Real line despite the fact I haven’t tried them all yet! BUT..I will soon and will update them in the near future =)



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