TonyMoly Pureness 100 Mask


Depending on where you are, some of us (including me) have already celebrated Christmas yesterday whilst the rest of you are currently or will celebrate Christmas. I had a fabulous time with family and friends as we all dined together eating yummy foods. I’m glad the weather was great yesterday as it was a perfect weather for a BBQ in Sydney.

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Beauty Time

I purchased 3 masks from this range to try out: 2 Shea Butter and 1 Green Tea.

The size of these masks is pretty big. They can definitely fit probably most face shapes. I put these masks in the fridge overnight so that it can be even more refreshing when I put it on – especially since it is very hot nowadays, it is vital for me to leave it in the fridge.

Shea Butter Mask – Moisturising

I found this mask quite nice. It smelled good, fits greatly and I was comfortable. I actually left it longer than the recommended time, probably 30mins as it still had some serum left in the mask. After I took the mask off, my skin felt quite smooth and soft. But the packet still had additional serum so I just squeezed them out and patted it over my face and neck. This time however, I didn’t wash my face but just patted it till it was close to dry and applied my usual moisturising cream.

The next morning, skin did feel softer. So it definitely got the job done =)

Green Tea Mask – Skin Soothing

 This mask was satisfying in smell, fit and overall comfort. The smell is starkly similar to my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume which I quite like. I actually just recently bought the Cherry Blossom in that range XD As this product is supposed to be skin soothing, I definitely felt the effects. Prior the mask, my face was quite sensitive and red from exfoliating and after putting this mask on, the redness has reduced and pores have gotten smaller. 👍👍

Overall, I’m happy with this line just from trying these two different masks.

Rating: 7.5/10

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