Friday 5th December 2015

A beautiful day, perfect weather and a lovely spot for a wedding to take place overviewing the beautiful sight of Sydney’s harbour.

Today, I had the pleasure to attend my first ever wedding. I now know why weddings are special. The joyous atmosphere, emotional speeches and the smiles especially when seeing the bride being arm in arm with her father as she walks down the aisle. It was hard not to beam at the beautiful sight as the bride leaves her father’s arm and into her husband’s.

Not only that, it was cute to see the groom crying in front of his lovely bride when he stated his vows and when the bridesmaids had to wipe her tears under her veil, being careful not to smudge her make-up.

There were some cliche moments, but it didn’t matter. It was a heartfelt day and I could feel their love for each other. I could see it. There’s probably no such thing as true love, but love does exist. And I thank the beautiful couple for showing me that.

It is still surreal thinking that I kind of grew up with her and now she’s married. Even mum shed tears with the brides’ mother. But sincere congratulations to her for marrying for love. Bless them well on their life together as husband and wife.



Right now, my feet is sore from wearing heels. So glad tomorrow is Sunday, A DAY OF REST! Going to soak my lovely feet in the bath to soothe it. XD


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