My first ever: Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Hey 😀 I’ve always been meaning to make my own cold brew especially since summer is coming! At cafes and even at home, I dislike having ice in my hot long black (only drink this kind) as it just dilutes the taste and its aroma. It was not until I had a taste of cold brew at The Baron when I liked how it’s cold yet the aroma and strength of the coffee are still maintained.

I did not really use an exact recipe for this as it is my first time and I was just experimenting. At first, I put 62.5g of grounded coffee beans (it’s best to ground them coarsely and not too fine ) in a bowl (pictured below). Then slowly added 250mL of filtered water…however, my brother complained that it might be too strong for him (weakling) so I dejectedly added another 250mL. Hence the ratio is 1:8 coffee-to-water.

Then, stir well till it’s well combined and cover it with the lid before popping it in the fridge. I’m planning to let it steep for around 24hours…so excited to have a taste! I already sneaked a peek just then and I could smell the intense aroma just by sticking my head in. Anyways, I set a timer for tomorrow morning for straining and then VOILA! Homebrew coffee~

Already, this first batch has been in the fridge for around 8 hours now, and the aroma has definitely been sweeping in its surrounding! SMELLS WONDERFUL =)


I left it in the fridge steeping for around 25 hours, then filtered it.

For serving, you can use the 50:50 ratio for cold brew+water = americano.

For milk, I’m sure it can be the same but don’t quote me on this as I don’t have milk in my coffee.

But, my whole fam loves it and I think this is really great! Currently having it now for brekkie before yoga XD Definitely going to make this regularly especially when it’s a straightforward recipe.

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