Youeni @ The Hills

I’m afraid I didn’t have a memorable experience which was quite unfortunate as I had heard great comments from friends on their food. My friend and I always wanted to try it because of the great reviews so we just decided to eat there for brunch on a Sunday morning.

There weren’t many options of food to choose from but nevertheless, there was still a good amount of food that intrigued me.

Let’s begin with the moussaka. Mind you, I’ve never had moussaka before and unfortunately, I didn’t like it. Maybe because it’s not the real moussaka as they tweaked it, but the chickpeas was foul. It has sort of a grainy texture…maybe it’s supposed to taste like that but I was turned off. If it was just the baked potato, mushroom, etc. without the chickpeas, it would have been a better dish. Not awesome..but slightly better. And, not worth it even with the added 10% surcharge for Sundays..

Moussaka (a slight rendition) Slow baked spiced aubergine, potato, mushroom, cashew relish, tomato & beans, herbs, crumbs, seeds & sumac $15.9

On the other hand, I was amazed at the beautiful presentation of this porridge. When has porridge been presented in such a pretty way? That caramel jam was yum! I’m so glad my friend ordered this and it was a really generous serving!

THE BEST QUINOA ‘PORRIDGE’  Quinoa, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla bean, banana, apple, nuts, seeds, flaked coconut, salted ‘caramel’ paste, raw cacao nibs, baobab powder $13.5

The drinks were average…but they were good to refresh ourselves after our exercise XD

My friend disliked her apple soda as it reminded her of the chinese pickles which we usually have with porridge XD HAHAS!

Iced Mocha $4.5
Apple Soda $5

Overall, nice place, ok food (except mine which was…..eughh…) and good service. Actually, this cafe was self-serve but when the food came, the waiter was nice enough to bring our cutleries instead of making us get them ourselves. Brownie points! Only thing worth was the porridge in terms of pricing ~ might come back, but definitely not so soon.

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