Love Me if You Dare – 2015 Chinese Drama

Wallace Huo and Ma Si Chun stars in this awaited drama as Bo Jin Yan (BJY) and Jian Yao. It has just begun broadcasting its first episode and I’ve been loving it so far. The amount of curiousity they’ve aroused from me is crazy! Since the first episode, there have been a lot of questions raised surrounding BJY past, the kidnapping of children and what it is that is residing in BJY’s house (is it the kidnapped children? Who is he punishing?).

In total, there are 24 episodes and I’m excited to see how this drama unfolds. There will a lot of thrilling criminal cases in addition to the usual romance between the professor (BJY) and his assistant (Jian Yao). Even though it’s a cliche storyline, I’m sure Wallace Huo will make it different from the others XD

The supporting characters definitely add to this interesting plot especially BJY’s friend Fu Ziyu! I love the part in the 2nd episode where he had to relay messages to Jian Yao from BJY whilst flying in the air in a parachute. Another guy I’m eyeing is Jian Yao’s childhood friend, Li Xunran. A total hottie!

But wow! That cliffhanger at the end of ep 2! Someone is stalking Jian Yao…or BJY or probably both? Can’t wait for next wk!!!

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