JONGA JIP Korean BBQ @ Eastwood

I’ve been here quite a few times and is definitely one of the best korean restuarants in Sydney. I’ve been looking back at my past posts and realised that I’ve never really written a review on this place! Anyways, this place is always crowded whenever I come here so it’s definitely best to get here early.

The one thing I absolutely love about this place is the amount of side dishes they give us! It’s more than 10 in both of their restaurants (they have 2 which are walking distance between each other). These banchan sometimes changes but the ones I had included kimchi, pasta salad, acorn jellies, fish cakes, pickled seaweed and many more! Best of all, they’re free flow!!!! So feel free to ask the waiters/waitresses to come and fill up your banchan =)

Also, their seafood pancake ($20) is amazeballs and quite a generous size. Unfortunately, everyone attacked it as soon as it arrived so there were no chance to take a photo.

However, since we ordered hot pot (it was a cold night) and we need to wait for it to boil before eating, I could freely take a lovely photo of this beef and mushroom hot pot ($55). 

Betweeen four people, just ordering a seafood pancake and hot pot was more than enough especially with the banchans. Thought, despite it being free flow, we couldn’t stomach having another round of them hahas.

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