Kin by Us @ Macquarie Park

Located close to the Macquarie Universtiy and the Macquarie Centre, Uel & Shannelle chose a great place to start up their cafe business. I’ve loved this couple from My Kitchen Rules 2014 and was always interested in their food. When I heard that they opened a cafe, I was so determined to go and taste their food. I was pleased, and it was such a fantastic experience. I also had a fan moment when I saw them up close but luckily was still sane but shy XD

Their cafe is Asian-inspired with a twist. A good twist =)

They have a wonderful array of drink options including my favourite black sesame smoothie and durian affogato (pictured below). Also, I was so excited at their food menu as well. At first, I was a bit hesitant with how some of the foods will taste like as they incorporated savoury Asian foods in a sandwich – cafe style. But it was AMAZINGLY good.

The photos I’ve taken are sure to stimulate your food cravings =)

Congee ~ chicken rice porridge, onsen egg, pork floss, Chinese doughnut

I love how they presented each of the dishes as they are so prettily done. I especially love how they plated the congee (pictured above). I’m me…you have never seen porridge/congee looking so fine.

Nothing much to say about the root beer float (pictured below). My friends love it but I guess its just not my type.

Root Beer Float

However, I can’t say the same for the durian affogato. It’s so YUM! I would’ve never in my life thought of the combination of durian ice cream with espresso?! I love durians and I wouldn’t mind having it every single day! I understand that a lot of my friends dislike its smell and taste but I savour it! And having it with espresso is quite interestingly sweet and pleasant.

Durian Affogato

The chicken bun was quite unique. At first I was hesitant trying this one out as Hainan chicken with its ginger & spring onion sauce…eeehhhh….
But! I was brave and with a good review from one of my friends, I tried it. And I love it! It just works. This whole combination works! However, I would’ve preferred less mayonnaise as it got a bit too fattening in my mouth XD Otherwise, more lettuces would be appreciated =)

It was also quite a huge serving as I wasn’t able to finish it~ despite complaining moments ago how famished I was XD

Sambo ~ Hainan Chicken with chicken crackle =)

Their chicken wings were quite spicy hence the name lol. But then again, good chicken equates to a happy patron =)

Spicy Chicken Wings

This croffle looks amazing but I was too full to try this one. But others gave a thumbs up!

Croffle ~ ham, cheese, croissant

Overall, I can’t wait to come back here again. They also have a small coffee shop connected to the kitchen for takeaway coffee and some light food which is great! I also want to try all of their drinks especially the hazelnut coffee and other smoothies ~

All their staff are so friendly and I love the interior. The minimalistic and rustic appearance with an open kitchen was quite comfortably and created a lovely ambience. They also had a few bird cages as a decoration which were so amazingly COOL! They also have a communal table near the entrance surrounded by smaller tables which is a great place for those who are there to hang out and be comfortable.

Definitely a place to recommend and look out for future posts on this cafe as I’ll be sure to visit soon!

KIN by us. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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