Spring =)


YAY! Spring is finally here in Australia and the weather has been so pleasant! 

Today was a great day with a really good catch with one of my great friend of over 6 years! She also invited another friend which we got along pretty well~

We had an amazing lunch at Kin by Us which opened just recently by Uel & Shannelle (love them so much from My Kitchen Rules). I can’t believe I saw them today and they were so hospitable and friendly!!! Also, I can’t believe I ate their food!!! SOOO NICE =) I actually wanted to take a photo with them but resisted the urge hehes~ 

So Spring is definitely off to a good start and I can’t wait for the mid-Sem break!!! 

I’m getting so paranoid that I will fail due to an essay due in 2 days and an upcoming exam next wk! EEK! 


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