Second Time 20 Years Old – 2015 KDrama

Choi Ji Woo is one of my favourite actresses and I can’t believe that she’s starring in this new drama with Lee Sang Yoon (Angel Eyes, Liar Game) and Choi Won-Young (loved him from Heirs and Kill Me, Heal Me).

This drama is about Ha Oh Na (CJW) who married Kim Woo Chul (CWY) when she was young and became a mother unexpectedly. Despite her dream to be a dancer since young, she had to give that up for her family. Now that her son is all grown up and is starting his days as a freshman at a university, she begins to start her life again as a 20 year old, attending the same university as her son.


So far, only 2 episodes had aired and I loved them! However, I feel like the Korean society is a bit behind as uni students and lecturers/tutors are both uncomfortable with having a middle-aged woman as their student. Even though it’s a drama, I wonder whether in reality it works like this in Korea. At my uni, there were many middle-aged adults attending classes and we definitely welcome them! I know that some are a bit shy, but they come out of it as weeks goes by.

Nevertheless, CJW’s acting is so cute! Her ability to act like a naive and innocent wife after watching her from The Suspicious Housekeeper amazes me! It’s too bad CWY has to act like a shitty husband who is secretly having an affair and making his wife sign a divorce contract. ALSO, the one thing I can’t stand so far….WHY IS THE SON SUCH AN ASSHOLE TO HIS OWN BIOLOGICAL MOTHER? I mean srrsly, he’s much closer to the father than CJW… he literally shrugs off his mother and regards her as beneath him…

I wonder how it will all turn out~ waiting patiently for the next eps XD

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