Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant @ Haymarket, Sydney

We came upon this place by chance as we were going to eat at another restaurant but the queue was too long (they didn’t take bookings TT_TT). But we heard good reviews about this place from friends so we were pretty keen to try.

Since it is a Sichuan Restaurant, I was a bit scared because Sichuan dishes are known for their spiciness, and I’m not that good with chilli. Nevertheless, the food were delectable! I can’t wait to go back and try more food!

Sliced pork with garlic and chilli sauce

The above pic was the entree and we ordered this because we saw so many tables having this. It was nice and a tad salty (hence the cucumber and sauce). The sauce was amazing~ and I loved having it like this. Also, the presentation was awesome! You don’t get to see meet hanging off the rod often XD

Hot pot seafood, pork blood jelly, intestine and sweet potato noodle

I was so afraid of the spiciness when this dish came to our table. It was very red but luckily I could get through it. However, it does get a bit hot as you keep eating it and I found it a bit too oily for my liking. Nevertheless it was nice but probably wouldn’t order it again.

We also ordered vegetables (eggplants below)~ forgot the dish name..

Great but again, too oily. Thank goodness we ordered rice so that it cuts through the oiliness.

Again another dish, also a bit too oily but luckily we had rice to get through with it =)

We also ordered a stir fried beef with black pepper as I needed something to kick through the chilli. (Forgot to take pic as cooling my mouth was priority) hahas.

Anyways, service was fast and we got a table quickly. It was a very busy night considering it was a weekend but staff were definitely quick on their feet. 👏

However, I was a tad disappointed as it wasn’t as spicy as I thought…but the dishes were very nice (despite it being too oily).

Definitely a place I would recommend and please order rice! You’ll need it!

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