Sushi Hotaru @ George St, Sydney

Last time I came here was the day I bought my iPhone 6~ so yeah…nearly a year?

Anyways, this is one of my favourite places to dine in and is definitely a popular place in this area. There are always queues so its best to arrive a tad earlier if you don’t want to wait =)

The service is quick especially when you’re ordering from the iPad but nevertheless the endless sushis on the train is bound to capture your attention XD

This place, I suspect, is owned by a Korean as I believe nearly all or probably all of the employees are Korean. Even though they might greet you in Japanese…I know they’re Korean (probably due to my experience with them via personally and dramas hehes XD). Plus, they converse in Korean with each other ~ Nevertheless, their sushis are great and like I said previously, one of my favourite go-to places.

So…I came here for dinner, and boy…was I famished! I think I ate the most out of everyone as I just kept ordering extra plates, grabbing sushis off the train and even ordered their hot seafood udon =) Pretty big and had loads of salmon!!! YUM!
I definitely did not look pretty during that time as I was stuffing my mouth with such yumminess!

By the end of it…we had I think..around 30 plates?

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