First class back

Just had my first class and it went by like a blur.This morning was not stressful despite having less than 40 mins to shower, get dressed, breakfast, makeup and even hang washing outside! I even had time to cut lemons nicely which I put in my water bottle~ 

I’m suspecting that it’s due to technology. Usually I would be on my phone using the wifi which is when I believe time goes by too quickly leaving me frantically trying to get ready and in time for class. 

Also, I had already got my outfit ready late last night after a family day out so I guess I already reduced the time I would’ve spent on that~ 

Yesterday was such a nice and sunny day which was great to explore the beach and go on nature walks with fam before Uni life begins. Also went by a nudie beach which was so awks! All old men strutting along the sands LOL

– got sidetracked ~ back to present:

As I didn’t receive my books from Abebooks and got refunded, I had to purchase my textbooks just before class this morning. Luckily there wasn’t a queue outside but the staff were pretty busy nonetheless. I could only buy 1 as the other one was sold out TT_TT But I’m just glad I got this one which was needed today~ 

Currently on my way back home to relax and get ready for work ~ my eyes are so tired and aching.. 

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