hurry please!

This is my first time buying textbooks from Abebooks and so far…not so good. I’m still waiting for some of my textbooks to arrive especially since my class begins next Monday! The estimated date of arrival was a week ago and I’ve been trying to contact the bookseller but he/she is very unresponsive. I’ve contacted Abebooks’ customer service and they are trying to contact the bookseller as well…

Now..everytime I see a truck pass by my house, I eagerly look out the window in hope that it’s my beloved textbooks.

It’s weird that this has happened…but I’ve already initiated a refund so I will definitely get my $$ back. I’ve always been careful with online shopping as I always look to see how many stars the booksellers have as well as the reviews before purchasing their products in order to determine whether they are reputable and trustworthy.

I probably have to wake up early on Monday before my 9am class to purchase these textbooks…luckily the bookstore opens at 8.30am =) Too bad though…I was hoping on saving money from textbooks this sem as I could’ve gotten close to 50% off if buy off Abebooks was successful.

I don’t think I’ll purchase products from Abebooks in the near future…Bookdepository, Zookal, thenile are the ones I trust the most XD

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