The Diddy @ Lane Cove

I’ve never been to this place before but it is quite popular in the area. It is definitely family friendly as lots of kids frequent this place with their parents and there is a huge lawn for them to play around just next to the bistro. This place is pretty popular especially on weekends so be sure to make a reservation =)

We ordered oysters! YUM!  As well as other dishes which were fabulous. The atmosphere was great especially since it’s kind of outdoors as we sat in the deck but their heaters are warm~ so don’t need to worry about being frozen to death XD

Oysters: Natural & Kilpatrick

Roasted Pork Knuckle (1kg)

Reef & Beef with creamy garlic prawns
First time trying this beer and I am amazed with it. I love dark beers (not stouts) and would usually order a Tooheys Old at pubs. However, this club doesn’t have it so I tried this one and I think this is going to be my new favourite =)

I will love to come back here again. Thank goodness we made a reservation or else we would’ve stood a while waiting for seats. It’s pretty popular and it’s no wonder as their food were wonderfully prepared and executed. Love it!

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