Crinitis @ The Hills

Crinitis is such a good place for group dinners! Especially if ordering pizza! However, this time for the first time ever I didn’t order a 1m pizza but other dishes on the menu including pasta, ribs and salad =)

As usual, service was quite responsive and friendly despite being a full house on a weeknight.

Tortellini Silvestri ~ pear & goat’s cheese tortelloni with mascarpone cream

This salad accompanied the pork ribs pictured below and I love their feta! Very refreshing!
Here, the 1kg ribs are just behind the chips~ The 2 condiments complemented the chips well which was flavoursome in chicken salt

We ordered a .5m pizza as 1m is too much. The two flavours were: marinara & tropicale.
Despite being so full from dinner & was unable to finish everything, we were still able to have space for dessert. XD

This cassata was one of my favorite dish of the night~ this dessert is a vanilla gelato cake with delicious bits of chocolate, nuts and other candied fruits. A wonderful crafted dessert =) And usually I dislike cream as its so fattening but it tastes magical with the cake as it balances the sweetness~

We also ordered a nutella waffle which I personally did not eat as my attention was consumed by the cassata. XD

Criniti’s desserts have never failed to amaze me everytime I dine there. So of course, I will definitely go back again to try their other desserts =)

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