Adventures @ Sydney

This trip was totally spontaneous and definitely worthwhile. We just wanted to have a nice day out free from our stressful lives to relax and enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful scenery Sydney has to offer us. 

On our way to the Harbour Bridge, we encountered this beautiful wall mural at The Rocks which was so detailed and textually awesome! I wonder who did this…


It was pretty hard to take these photos as the Bridge now have cages installed for safety and I had to put my phone out in those wholes whilst the wind was blowing very hard! But this picture is so beautiful =)     

We trekked to Kirribilli and just walked around the town before having lunch at this place (forgot name). But I’m gonna research it if I remember later HAHAS because their fisherman’s basket was such a generous and huge portion for 4 people!

After a huge lunch, we just strolled around the coast till Kurraba Point where we waited a few minutes for the ferry to arrive. Surprisingly, there were many people fishing at this whalf which was quite unexpected as boats and ferries frequent here.


Anyways, it was a great day and can’t wait for more adventures in the future especially after winter!

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