Aerial Yoga

Hey y’all! I’ve been incognito for a while because I’ve been busy. YUP. It’s holidays and I was busy exercising with aerial yoga! Ever since I’ve heard of it, I’ve always been curious and eager to try it out. Luckily there’s a place that caters towards aerial exercises near my place so I don’t have to travel far~ I’ve done a few sessions for aerial yoga and it was definitely amazing! Firstly I’ll just explain what aerial yoga is about – stretches & yoga poses which involves a silk hanging from the ceiling.

I’ve been doing inversions and various stretches up in the air which felt very liberating and was fun. After a few classes, I feel like I sleep a lot better and have an overall sense of calmness. I’m not sure whether it’s from yoga or whether because I’m on holidays XD However, I’m eager to continue these session during my uni degree as I definitely need to tone down on my stress levels especially when exams are nearing.

I need to build up my upper-body strength as doing chin ups whilst on air is pretty hard for a beginner like me XD

But, aerial yoga has definitely put a smile on my face as I look back at all the positions I was in during the sessions and can’t believe I did all that! Now, I have an excuse to eat more food! =)

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