NaruOne @ Pitt St, Sydney

It has been quite a few months since I’ve last been here and they kind of changed the location. It was still located at the same building but now on ground floor instead of the basement floor. Nevertheless, it’s easy to spot =)

It was a peculiar experience as we had to send one of our food back because we found…hair! It was a pretty long, black piece of hair..omg I’m getting a bit sick just talking about it now.

Anyways, the waitresses were apologising profusely because of course…that is a sin! But they quickly offered to make another seafood hotpot for us which we didn’t mind. When it came back, they also gave us a apology dish which is a salad and tofu dressed with their spicy yet refreshing sauce ~ pretty nice! =)


In addition to the hotpot, we also ordered chicken (half and half)! However, was quite disappointed that the spicy chicken was more on the sweet side then spicy.

Also, the bulgogi potato noodles was also quite sweet. It was a bit sickening. Couldn’t stomach it after a few bites ~

Anyways, when we tried to tip them in the end, they refused..I think they were still apologetic about what happened before. Nevertheless, the service was fast and pleasant =) However, their food has definitely gotten a lot sweeter.. Might need to rethink if I will be coming back here soon.

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