Thank god for bras!

Just finished my 5pm exam and my friends were looking at me with envy! Of course it’s not about my beauty XD HEHES but because I don’t even need to wait in the terribly long queue to collect my bag~ 

My secret: Im wearing this jacket which has big pockets to fit all my stuff including wallet, pencil case & earphones. 

I could put my phone in there but was scared they might search my pockets hence I stuffed it in my bra just before I walked in. XD

Smart eh? The only reason I did it now and not the previous times is because this exam begins and ends late and I didn’t even want to waste my time waiting around 20-30mins for my bag (yes the line was that long!)

Now I’m sitting comfortably on the bus whilst my other friends are still waiting for their stuff HAHAS

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