Myung-ga BBQ @ Eastwood

Discovered this little place on a busy street filled with other Korean restaurants at Eastwood and was excited to try out this place. This place is split into 2 sides, one side is the traditional Korean seating arrangement where you leave your shoes and sit on cushions provided on the floor whilst the other side is the usual seating on tables and chairs.

Luckily I went in there early (5.30) so I didn’t have to line up outside as this place gets really filled up with peeps later on in the evening. I ordered a maekgeolli ($12), bulgogi & octopus hot pot ($40), seafood pancake ($13) and their fish ($17). Their side dishes were nice as we kept on asking them to refill them as YUM!!! The bulgogi was pretty sweet which my parents weren’t fond of but I didn’t mind it. I do agree that it would be better if it was less sweet since its sweetness got onto the soup. They added udon noodles into it and I love it! I love udon noodles hehes

Their seafood pancake was nice in terms of flavour but a bit small and wasn’t crunchy enough. Their fish~ wow! I love how they had the crunchy texture of the skin and a soft inside – very pleasant to eat. Their maekgeolli on the other hand….was quite light.

After the dinner, we went to a Korean alcohol shop and found out that the maekgeolli was just less than $4 and we had to pay $12 at the restaurant! WHAT A RIPOFF and they’re making such a huge profit! More than triple the price! Their service was quite slow but then again…they were busy. But some would even forget our additional orders and we had to order it again from another waitress.

Overall, the experience was quite alright..still a bit annoyed at their pricing for maekgeolli but their dishes were nice especially their side dishes. Their pricing was not expensive…(if we don’t include the maekgeolli) XD and they accept both credit cards and cash =) Would come back here again but this time won’t order their maekgeolli as I don’t want to get rip off.

P.S again I forgot to take photos…I think this is becoming a habit haha~ you just want to eat as soon as the food comes out!

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