Shanghai Chef Kitchen

Located at Parramatta, this place definitely has the fastest service besides fast food chains XD

As soon as we ordered our meals they came gradually one after the other after 5-10mins! As always, we ordered the pan fried buns before we even looked at the menu because we knew its the dish that takes a while to make.

The dishes we ordered are as below (forgot to take a pic of the noodle dish we also ordered):

Salt & Pepper Flounder ~ yum yum! Very crunchy and best to eat whilst its hot =)

Mix of fried eggplants, capsicum and potatoes =)

Pan-fried Pork Buns 生煎包 – a must try dish –
Great food as usual and I always leave with a very full stomach~

We even walked for around 20-30mins after dinner as we were so full XD
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