Bottom braces

Yesterday I got braces on my bottom teeth and it’s taking some time to adjust to them. I kind of have this feeling of regret of getting my teeth done now instead of during high school…arghhhh this pain!

I couldn’t even bite through my greens properly today (had an open sandwich) so I was just stuck with bread, cheese, humungous meat patty, beetroot & avocado. And…I usually just eat this sandwich with my hands but had to use knife & fork to be able to cut them into smaller pieces so I don’t have to chew too much.

Last night I had ice-cream & it was kind of soothing but the cone was kind of difficult to bite through…so gave the rest to my brother hehes

Now I have to decide what to eat for lunch tomorrow…will be at uni and only have 1hr break…so going to the shopping centre is off the list…hopefully my uni will have some options that are suitable for me~

WISHING that this pain will go away soon and I can eat good and wholesome food asap!

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