Aqua S

WHAT IS THE HYPE ALL ABOUT? I didn’t really enjoy the dessert here..

This place is actually known for its soft serve ice cream in particular their signature sea salt flavour. The only good thing was the presentation and fairy floss..nothing can go wrong with fairy floss XD

Sea salt flavoured ice cream with fairy floss and marshmallow on a pocky stick!!!

Mango milkshake and sea salt ice cream with fairy floss

Apple&blackcurrant & sea salt ice cream with a toasted marshmallow on a pocky stick!

pros: the added toppings. Best of all~ the pocky is chocolate!

cons: Their signature sea salt flavour was the biggest disappointment. I thought that it would taste wonderful especially since it’s their own signature flavour but YUCK. I only had a few bites before throwing the rest away…even the cone tastes so much better than the ice cream. The mango milkshake and the apple&blackcurrant flavours weren’t that nice either..too bad.

Overall, presentation is definitely a WOW factor but can’t say the same about the taste. Unfortunately I doubt I will set foot in this place again…also….it’s overpriced. This place is definitely over-hyped. Definitely not the best ice cream place but one of the worst.

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