Lid & Jar @ Chatswood

Many of my friends (and friends of their’s) have been coming to this place. I heard that their coffee was great especially since they have their own specialties. 

But since I only came for lunch I just ordered a long black to get through my day =) It was not bad…but I prefer my uni’s coffee ~

For lunch, I shared 2 dishes with my friend ~ corn fritters & spicy prawn linguine.



The presentation was quite enchanting hence I had high expectation for the taste. The corn fritters were great! Loved how they added the avocado, rocket and bacon to the dish which gave a very nice flavour and appetizing deliciousness. However, the linguine was disappointing as it wasn’t as great as its appearance. There wasn’t much flavour except the chilly prawns …no garlic nor other components that are usually present in a linguine.

Their service was a bit slow and it took quite some time for the meals to arrive (probably because I was very hungry hence impatient).

Overall, might come back again for their fritters but not for their coffee. 

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