Wet ‘n’ Wild

A few days ago I went to Wet ‘n’ Wild to kind of celebrate the end of summer~ pfft not really. Just curious to see what the park had in store for us XD I actually had a great time at the park more so because of their impeccable customer service.

My brother lost his watch in one of the rides (he actually received this on the day as a birthday present) and got help from the staff. They actually stopped the rides from continuing for around 10-15mins before they found it hidden in the corner of the pool. I was impressed. VERY. I mean…this was not the kind of reaction I would’ve thought they would had..because…HELLO! ITS A WATER PARK!

Anyways, because of this we were entirely grateful towards them for finding the watch and making our experience at Wet ‘n’ Wild great. However, I doubt I will go there again in the near future…food are so overpriced…drinks included…and LOCKERS! Luckily we bought 2 large sized lockers which actually aren’t that big at all but bigger than the ‘regular’ lockers which were like small rectangular sized.

Also, some rides were closed which was disappointing especially the 360 ride! Was so excited to try it! But other rides were average except for one which was beyond AMAZING! I love the steepness of some of the rides and it was a definitely hike to get to the top of the rides every time! SO MANY STAIRS TO CLIMB!

Their beach was fun~ had waves flowing through…but was more concerned on going on every single ride XD

Overall, it was a good day~ luckily it only rained slightly whilst having lunch but the rest of the time was sunny. The showers were amazing! The water was so warm it was relaxing and comfortable! Also, I like how its so PINK! XD

It’s nice to experience new things but I think once is definitely enough.

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