York Trading @ Macquarie Centre

Woah! Today my stomach definitely needs a huge workout after eating and eating the whole day!

Actually went to meet someone at Chatswood and had yummy korean food ~ totally full and couldn’t even finish everything! Their meals and side dishes were so yum!

Anyways, this post should be all about York Trading @ MQ.

So we wanted to eat something light and have some coffee after lunch and decided to go and try out some cafes at MQ since we had the time to do so anyways~

I’ve always wanted to eat at this place but never got to due to it being so crowded at that time and I didn’t have time to wait for so long. So I was happy we got to try it despite it not being lunch. I ordered a juice which was quite dominated by mango despite having other fruits and ginseng mixed into it. Also ordered a cheese platter to share which was great =)



The gorgonzola was yum and loved their poached pear (I want to try to make it someday XD)!

Overall, want to try their other meals (especially lunch) and can’t wait till the next time I go back especially since I start Uni tomorrow XD

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