PapaRich @ Macquarie Centre

My friend brought me here since I’ve never tried PapaRich before. I’ve heard both good and bad reviews on this place so was keen to try it out. Despite it being peak hours, it was fortunate we got seats just for two =)

I ordered a Nasi Lemak with curry chicken as I loved it so much when I went to Singapore a few years back and had been craving for it. The picture may not look much but this dish kicks up a punch! It was spicy and the rice was fragrant with coconut milk. YUM! Traditionally, it is wrapped in a pandan leaf which would’ve been great as it would’ve been packed with loads of flavour. Nevertheless, not a bad dish.


Coffee milk tea

It has been so long since I had Coffee milk tea. I definitely needed this drink after the shopping XD However, a tad too sweet.

Service was good and the food came out quickly which was a huge plus! I had an enjoyable time there and would go there again.

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