A family outing planned just yesterday

All we know is the train to catch, it’s time and that there’s a shopping centre 5 mins from the station ~~ shows how little planning we did XD

Haven’t been to Wollongong since I was a little child so I don’t have much memories of my time there~ but since this is the first in a while since we last had a day trip I’m going to enjoy it.

So glad that the train was comfortable as I never had much experience with trains since I was young as the suburb I currently live in doesn’t have a station yet (they’re currently still constructing so it should be done by next year hopefully).







After a nearly 2hrs ride~~ thank god it wasn’t loud and I was able to sleep peacefully as well as enjoying the beautiful views XD

The shopping centre near the train station looks new~~ and I like its layout! Maybe next time I go to Wollongong I can spend all day shopping hahas XD

We walked a short distance for lunch which I posted a review today. It was defs YUM! 😍


After that huge lunch ~~ it was time for COASTAL WALK~~~^^









Amazing views and relaxing atmosphere!


Also saw this lighthouse~~~


Went back to Sydney CBD for dinner which we had Korean food~~ couldn’t finish everything since we were still full from lunch XD


After dinner we went for a walk around Darling Harbour and I saw this giant cockatoo~~ maybe they put it there in celebration for Australia Day tomorrow~~

Anyways~~ was glad that I bumped into a friend today and had a fun trip back home with her ~~ hopefully we will be able to meet again before the holidays end XD

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