Litani’s @ Wollongong

This beautiful Mediterranean restaurant was spontaneously chosen by me and I was glad I did. The food was lovely and such big portions at a highly reasonable price!

I didn’t get to take a pic of everyone’s dishes except for mine XD but theirs were YUM!



This is a beautiful spinach and ricotta quiche with tabouli and hummus on the side. A generous portion don’t u think? I couldn’t even finish it cos it was huge! Luckily my fam all helped me finish it XD


Finished a bottle of Bundaberg’s bitters and it was refreshing especially since it’s such a hot weather today!

Also, besides their amazing food…they have unbelievably FAST & FREE WIFI!!!!! This is the first restaurant I’ve been to whose wifi is actually superbly fast and free!!!! Hahas!

If only Wollongong wasn’t that far from Sydney I would actually come here often~~ but I definitely recommend you to come here and try these amazing dishes if you ever come to Wollongong! It’s worth it!

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