This kid..


This kid drives me crazy! Always have to babysit him…as he’s the son of my mum’s friend…and a totally crybaby!

Just today… He started crying for no reason! We were playing Word Up and made a bet that the loser has to do 10 push ups. We all agreed to this bet as it makes the game more interesting. I get that he was probably finding it difficult to arrange letters on the board but srrsly…he had to cry?!?!?!

No wonder why he gets bullied at school…

This game is not a life or death matter… No need to cry…

Also….he doesn’t even answer you whenever he gets asked questions. When asked if he’s hungry…just shrugs. Then 5 mins later when asked the same Q again…then he nods and says “yes”. Then when the food is ready he then comes into the kitchen and says “Not hungry…maybe later”. Isn’t it frustrating!

Moreover…when I was out…my brother called me to relay his frustrations LOL. Apparently the kid went into my room and went to bounce on the exercise ball. As my brother went in to ask him if he wants to play with it outside…he ran and ignored my bro…so rude. This exact situation happened 3 times…

If he wanted to play with the ball…don’t do it so secretly and act like a thief…it’s stupid.

And guess what…he’s FRICKIN 13!!!!

* All these examples I gave just happened a few hours ago.

Just had to rant…there’s more examples but I don’t want to tarnish this blog XD

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