Just in time for lunch!

Gosh! I can’t believe that I slept for more than 11hrs today! Woke up at 12pm and I had a huge shock! Nevertheless, I just got up and did my daily “morning” routine before going into the kitchen to make some food for brekkie. Had a egg quiche in a coffee cup which I had just searched the recipe online XD due to my laziness to actually cook the egg on the stove hehes. Hence I found some recipes which just uses a microwave and no complicated/complex tasks (yes I know…I’m definitely lazy).

I love the videos from Buzzfeed that always appear on my FB and can’t believe that they did an article on this! Definitely worth checking out as there are actually 12 EASY ways to cook eggs in a microwave!!! HALLELUJAH! XD

I’ll definitely explore this website some more and see whether there are any more easy recipes that will motivate me to cook.

tbt..I didn’t take a pic of the egg quiche I made for lunch as it didn’t look ‘pic-worthy’ – probs cos I didn’t follow the recipe to the T. I’m hoping to go out more after I finish this essay for uni (doing a summer course since this unit can’t fit into my normal uni timetable as there are other units I need to complete). So boohoo to me as I looks at the photos my friends post up on FB in envy as I can’t enjoy it with them TT_TT. But then again I’m glad to be inside rather than outside as the weather has been getting humid….which is really disgusting since I’m prone to sweating a lot especially on my forehead and nose…eughh.

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