Beach walk @ Mosman – Taronga Zoo

We began our day after having a hearty Aussie breakfast consisting of bacon, scrambled eggs and baked beans as well as an additional slice of toast (which I didn’t get to eat as I was so full!).

Seeing as the weather will be so hot..wore a dress and my fitflop~~

We arrived at Port Jackson/Mosman’s George’s Height around lunchtime and luckily there was a nice cafe for us to relax under this hot heat.


The interior is rustic and is a pretty big space with a fantastic view of the beach (a nudist beach hehes).




There were a lot of carb-based food to order from but since I wasn’t that hungry yet needed to eat prior the long walk I chose this bacon, egg and toast muffin and orange juice.



It looks scrumptious and tastes good as well! However a disappointment will be there overcooked eggs which I gave to my bro hahas! I actually dislike the texture of overcooked eggs as it tastes so dry in my mouth.

We began a tiring 1+hr walk in this national park- kind of like a bush walk I guess XD

We saw so many lizards and wonderful views of sail boats as well as very pretty butterflies. However couldn’t take any photos of the butterflies as I was too in awe to take a photo ><










An hr into the walk we finally arrived at the Sudney Harbour National Park!! It was so relaxing and wonderful as the winds were so comforting plus a spectacular view of the wonderful city of Sydney!


You can see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the right side of the photo & the Sydney Tower right in the middle of the pic ~~ pretty right?


This panaroma pic shows the many sailboats as well as the landmarks as in the previous pic. Isn’t the sky beautiful?

20mins later~~ arrived at the end of the walk!! YAY!!!


And to celebrate a pic of the Taronga Zoo Entrance ~~~ we then took a ferry back to Circular Quay for an early dinner since we didn’t get to eat a full lunch.

We went to a German restaurant at The Rocks called Löwenbräu. I’ve been here a few times and never get sick of it~~

My dad and I initially decided to share two different 500mL beer (Premium Pils Beer and Franziskaner Lemon Weizen).

Then agreed that I should have the lemon Weizer and him the Premium Pils since we preferred our chosen one the best hehes.

For mains~~ the usual WHOLE Pork Knuckle as I love their crackled skin! Definitely one of the best I’ve tasted.
Also ordered:
– chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce and creamy mashed potatoes,
– sautéed mushrooms in creamy sauce with bread dumpling and garden greens (served in cast iron pan)
– wedges with sweet chili and sour cream


I think we ordered too much for a family of four since we were so full and couldn’t even finish it. What a shame! I think the beer was to blame for that as well! XD

Nevertheless, today was a great day instead of facing my computer and trying to finish my assignment which is due in less than two weeks GOSH! Despite being belated, wish you guys a Happy New Year! Hope 2015 will be a great year filled with wonderful memories =)

P.S during the walk today…saw a really gorgeous guy who straightaway smiled straight at me and said “hi”! LOL my bro was laughing at my expression since I kept on fanning myself and was squealing afterwards~~ but he does have a nice smile XD

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