Port MQ Day 2

Woke up feeling tired but was excited for the day ahead. We drove for around 20mins to Ricardoes Tomato Farm for strawberry picking! We also picked some beautiful cabbages which were shaped like roses! So pretty!! The strawberries were sweet and we brought back other specialties from their shop including their relish, jam and chutney =)



Then we went straight to our next destination: Bago Winery!! Mainly due to my insistence to challenge their maze which we can participate in a treasure hunt XD Good fun though it can be pretty tiring going around the same trails and dead ends especially under the hot sun XD but it was worth it!





After taste testing some of their specialty wines and buying some~~~ went south for some lunch as we overlooked the wonderful ocean~~


Their oysters were yum! However the only disappointment about this place was the waiting period…I had to wait to long for my barramundi but I can’t say it was worth it…I mean…it tastes amazing especially with their mash and beautifully cooked fish but I just wish it came sooner when I was in a happier mood XD

After dinner~

Went for a nice walk alongside the ocean and saw interesting art decorating the rocks~~ took a lot of selfies especially with my selfie stick HAHAS

ALSO…couldn’t go past this froyo place without buying some!! Flavours were awesome but a bit pricey~~ spent $10.85 on just a small tub but at least got to squeeze in different Flavours XD





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