Port MQ Day 1

So happy with convenient free wifi hahas!! Also – a wonderful and breathtaking beach just opp to where I’m staying!

This trip began from this morning as my fam & I left home around 10am. The drive took around 4hrs and one short toilet break as we couldn’t wait to arrive~ I got to say I didn’t mind the drive as it was so much better than the 6hrs trip to Coffs Harbour XD – that was tiring!

Went straight to the beach after sorting out our stay whilst parents went to explore the place.


I actually like how it’s not so sunny as its a great excuse to not put on sunscreen (though experts will say that it’s still important) hehes.

I’m definitely going to go to the beach everyday and I can’t wait to try out the sauna at the hotel..

Anyways better join my bro at the waves before he complains of my excessive selfie snaps XD

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