Life-Changing? I think not.

Prior to reading this book…I thought…”wow..this might help me to making my room more presentable”. Nah.
Filled with black texts that reminds me of a novel instead of actually telling you simple steps on how to tidy up your room clearly…I stopped reading seriously.

I get that this book is trying to help us…but if it was not for “blogging for books”…I would not even have picked up this book to read for my own leisure. This book is supposed to resemble an instruction manual yet…it’s just so draggy.

However…Marie does give some good tips which I guess…is “common sense” i.e. folding socks properly and categorising your closet.

Nevertheless..this book is not for me. However don’t let my review get in the way of your interest. Feel free to read this book as like I said…each and every one of us has different tastes and likes.

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