The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger

Since its holidays I thought I might as well do something useful and read some books XD Despite being a short text (finished it in a couple of hours), I enjoyed this book through its humour and interesting information which were unknown to me previously.

Anyways, from the first few pages…I was a bit surprised as the structure of this text is quite different from what I was previously used to. It was interesting and I actually don’t mind it~~ it’s nice to read something new and not be constrained within traditional elements. The discourse is rich in its epistolary form comprised of business reports, emails, articles, handwritten notes, legal documents and personal letters which is quite humorous and allows readers to personally comprehend what is going on in the lives of the characters.

I quite enjoyed this novel as it’s highly novel and captivating with its contemporary approach especially since many of the characters in this text are downright bold and straightforward in their conversations. To be frank, I skimmed through the little narratives that interweaved between the divorce proceedings as it does not hold much of an interest to me. Nevertheless, the divorce reports and documents Rieger included were quite informative for me to understand the marital law.

I would give this a 4/5 since it was quite enjoyable but I dislike that fact that it was a bit draggy. However, I would definitely recommend this book if one would not mind to read about civil law or want to read a contemporary fictional novel.

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