Yumei Japanese Restuarant @ Capitol

Had dinner at this place which is technically owned by Koreans~~ my friend said that it was good so we went and tried it..



At first…this dish looks quite nice but….once you taste the salmon…it’s over cooked.

It was so dry and I couldn’t even swallow it properly…had to gulp down my green tea in order to eat it properly..

I guess the dish could’ve been nice if the salmon was just cooked perfectly…what a shame.

Because of this mistake…I won’t come back here again…plus…could not even finish this dish as I can’t stomach it…I felt bad that I didn’t eat that last piece of salmon.

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2 thoughts on “Yumei Japanese Restuarant @ Capitol

    1. lol thats why I chose it~~I especially love sashimi =)

      hehes thanks! I was quite disappointed especially since it looked good XD


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