Gym Day 3

Whoo!! The weather has cooled down but can’t say the same to me right now XD I’m sweating and slowing down at a moderate pace on this cross trainer.

This morning I woke up to a sore lower back since the masseuse really worked it hard yesterday XD but now I’m feeling fine despite it still feeling sore if I touch it LOL

I just got Sims 4 yesterday and I was so excited that I kept playing till 2ish this morning. Hence my lethargic state hehes

I was kind of disappointed that I couldn’t get a dishwasher and other contents which were available in Sims 3~~ also… Not all the cheats work!!! TT_TT I actually have to put my sims to bed to regain their energy instead of just immediately making them feel refreshed.

I’m sure other people will figure out the cheats so I just have to wait patiently HAHAS.

Have a date with friends tomorrow which I was gonna cancel since I made a commitment to go to the gym everyday for this wk but…then again I haven’t seen them in a while… So hard XD

But I think I deserve a day off…I dunno…or if I’m not tired after the outing…maybe can go to the gym in the evening.. Decisions decisions…

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