If I Stay – 2014 Movie

This movie brings me to tears. I never thought that I would actually cry in front of a movie but wow. The acting, characters, storyline, music…the whole production was amazing! Love Jamie Blackley~~ I just can’t help but stare at his beautiful face! Plus, the girl who plays Mia~~ you moved me to tears!

My brother came home to see piles of used tissues covering my desk with my glasses coated with dry tears. XD

I was looking at the reviews given to this movie and was shocked that it was rated 36% on Rotten Tomatoes. I never really agree with the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and it will be the same for this movie. Yes, at times there are some cheesiness but..the storyline and the wonderful acting in this movie made get so emotional!

*spoiler alert*

I love how her memories interjects throughout the movie as it’s nice to just take a break from crying and laugh then crying again and laughing, you get the idea. We do see some teenage drama of making decisions for your future and choosing between a good education or bf. But I love it! Of cos there is some cliche lines but it’s only minor! Don’t forget..this movie is centred around a teenage girl’s life so cheesiness and cliche should be expected (despite being only little which I totally approve).

However….a negative….is the ending. Yes she wakes up but does it have to end with that? I want to see more of her life especially since she’s now an orphan and has lost her little brother as well! I get that movies should not go on for long but…that’s just what I’m curious about. But no…I don’t want a sequel or else this storyline might just tarnish. Just a bit disappointed with the ending…but really like this movie..

I deserve a bath now hehes..have a chinese exam tomorrow so I better practice 写汉字!

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