Today’s weather was so dry…and HOT!!

And suddenly…it rained for a few minutes despite the sky still blue and brightly shining sun.

It’s currently 43 degrees outside and I’m so glad that I’m in a very comfortable room playing sims whilst the air con is doing its job XD

This afternoon, went out for a job interview since I should gain some professional experience for my future and career. Wishing that I did well…but was nervous and kept on saying “uhmmmmmm….uhhhh” lol you get the gist..

Anyways…had boost…which I waited 20mins for it..was wondering why it took so long…maybe someone took mine instead… Damn that person! But at least they gave me complementary goodies as they were very sorry I had to wait that long. Everyone was happy at the outcome XD especially me since I get to cool down with this super refreshed drink.

I’m hearing thunder now…hope it rains tonight so that I can get a good night sleep =)

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