exams, I won’t miss u

While the intent to study was there in the beginning…it somehow gotten lost in the middle.

This happens…nearly…probably every single time I try to study…I can never focus specifically on a subject…I want to blame it on distractions but I think its my mind telling me that I will have enough time to prepare for assignments and exams even if there is a day to go..

Last night, I just finished my last take-home assignment for the year..though I still need to proof read it there might be silly spelling/grammar errors..what can I say? I did this in such a rush since its due on Monday.

BTW, there was a latest scandal that came out a few days ago about students hiring people to cheat in uni assessments and exams…WOW. Basically…these students are mostly international students due to their low-literacy level which is probably hard for them to successfully ace their assignments since it’s all done in English.

Anyways…I have 3 exams…and it starts from this Sat…can’t wait to get them over with

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