Homemade omelette

Sorry if they don’t look to appetizing hehes XD was too busy salivating hence I took these photos in a hurry~~

Basically…I wanted to eat something other than rice…and have been craving eggs so I just thought…why not cook? Tbh, I never cooked properly in my life from scratch under no supervision.

I started whisking 2 eggs (of cos I cracked them XD), some water, pepper & salt~~

Then turned the pan on medium-high heat whilst melting some butter~~ then when the butter started sizzling I added the egg mix, making sure that it was covering the whole base of the pan~~


Then…I was thinking how I should add some other ingredients to make it more filling for lunch~~~ hence added tomatoes…which i hurriedly tried to chop evenly..which didn’t happen as they were pretty big and bulky


Added ham~~


And cheese~~ can’t go wrong with cheese


And voila~~~ my yummy homemade omelette


Hahas as u can see~~ I think I put too much tomatoes and ham or …they might’ve been too big as it was a bit hard to fold the omelette ~~

Anyways…a definite success!!! And I can’t wait to cook more~~~ XD

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