Queto @ MQ Centre

At first I thought this place was Mexican due to its name and decor but it’s actually korean…what luck!! Haven’t had korean food in a while so I’m salivating hahas



I have less than half an hour to eat all of this before my bus comes or else I have to wait for another hour~~ HWAITING XD

It’s absolutely yum!!! Though it was huge!! Couldn’t finish it but wow! Will defs come back…maybe tomorrow since I have uni Hehes XD one of the plus sides of going to my uni ..

But some cons about this dish… The food was not as hot as I would’ve liked..probs since it’s not a hot pot because I was scared I wouldn’t eat it quick enough to make it back to the bus stop XD Also, the chilli jjang is a bit salty. Otherwise…great dish!! Especially since the miso soup was not salty!! SO SHOCKED!

I’m absolutely full! Won’t need to have dinner tonight. Plus..I’m just so happy that I finished my assignment!! However…still have 2 to go TT_TT

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