Home is not peaceful

Home is usually the term we use to refer to safe, peace and quiet. However, today was not quiet because my mother, as usual needs us to complete chores despite telling her that I have a many assignments ranging from 30-40% due this wk. I guess what I told her goes in one ear and goes out the other ear.

Is it me? Or is that parents can’t understand the stress and life of a Uni student? They expect us to get Honours and get great results but yet their actions tells us otherwise.

I have to say…it’s hypocritical of them as when they want us to study and when we do housework…we have to follow and obey their orders. I get that we have to respect them as they’re our elders but in these cases…I can’t.

To avoid further arguments I just left the house because I can’t concentrate…And thus I’m on my way to uni to work on my assignment..

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