Been looking at all my photos on my computer and wow…I grew up.

It kind of shocks you despite seeing myself in the mirror everyday when I brush my teeth as it was never on my mind.

“Aww” at my baby photos, giggling at my cute toddler mini me, envying my long hair at kindy, being embarrassed at that ridiculous outfit that was fashionable ages ago…memories just hits you and I smile at them cos they were really good times and I thank my parents, family and friends for giving me a wonderful childhood and protected upbringing.

I remember my rebellious stage where I start to talk back to my parents..what a nightmare… I still do it now and that’s due to my independence as I’m in charge of my own life. I will still need support from my family but for the majority of the time..the decision is mine to make.

Tbh, I’m just procrastinating as I don’t want to finish my assignment yet.. XD

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